How To Get a Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

Owning and Riding a Harley-Davidson can fulfill a lifelong dream. If you’re looking to buy a Harley, you’re faced with a wide array of attractive options. Harley-Davidsons have been around since 1903, and the famed motorcycle maker has a LEGENDARY reputation for innovation and invention. Before you shop, inform yourself as much as you can about what kind of Harley best suits you and your budget. Armed with this information, you can set off to buy the bike you’ve been waiting for.

There are six model families in the Harley-Davidson lineup, and within those six families a huge proliferation of sub-models. Opting for one or another is partly a matter of budget, riding style, and aesthetic preferences.

  • Sportster: designed for speed and fun; the entry-level Harley, good for beginners.
  • Dyna: a cruiser for longer rides; comfortably seats two; larger engine than Sportster; combines traditional and custom appearance; prices can vary, but lower-end Dynas are an affordable way to get a Harley Big Twin engine.
  • Touring: smooth riding for long distances or day trips; powerful engine; can seat two comfortably; features may include stereo, windshield, etc.
  • V-Rod: liquid-cooled motor designed in cooperation with Porsche; power cruiser with a unique, hydroformed frame.
  • Softail: the hidden rear suspension harkens back to the traditional “choppers” of the 1960s; powerful Big Twin engine.
  • The Street: introduced in 2014 in India; lightweight model is geared towards riders looking for a powerful yet affordable bike.

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